Friday, March 18, 2011

1st and Claremont realignment...

I have written about the particular intersection previously, how its alignment was a problem and safety hazard to cyclists entering Claremont via the Pacific Electric Trail to the east. I am happy to say that work is well underway with the realignment and I am looking forward to the project's completion. In fact there are changes all along 1st Street. I have already posted about the new sidewalk on the south side of the street; on the north side, new oak trees have been planted and there seems to be some additional concrete work being done. This work is all a part of the Citrus Regional Bikeway project which, when completed, will traverse the city from east to west.

view along 1st with the Claremont Blvd intersection in background,
and portion of new sidewalk on the right

the intersection itself, looking through it west along 1st. sorry, hard to see what is going on,
but curbs are being extended and lines of sight adjusted

further down along 1st and adjacent to a massive new parking structure at Pomona College. 1st is lined my majestic old oak trees, and (3) new ones have been planted along this stretch.


  1. I think it's good that Claremont is improving. I wonder why Foothill Blvd does not have a bike lane? If so, the new format of sidewalk, bike lane, parked cars, then moving traffic would work great for Foothill. Who is the advocate in Claremont?

  2. I've always wondered about Foothill myself, especially since I would ride on Foothill to get to work in Rancho. Maybe since Baseline is already a main cycling route north of Foothill, and now the PET and the Citrus Bikeway to the south, they are just leaving Foothill to the cars? Claremont does not have a bike czar per se, but the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee kind of serves as the main advisory group as I understand things.

    1. Foothill is still SR66 and still under Caltrans control not Claremont; and you know how "enlightened" Caltrans is with bicycling.

      Maria Tipping is the City's bicycle coordinator.


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