Saturday, July 17, 2010

New/old Bottecchia...

So, this weekend I decided to branch out, expand my world so to speak, and delve into the realm of vintage. This Bottecchia is now my most recently purchases bike, as well as oldest by date of manufacture. It is probably an early 1970's frame. While not a top of the line Bottecchia, it is still nice and will be a good project.

It has the usual "Campione del Mondo 1966" sticker on it that Bottecchia's of the era had. Unfortunately dating it is not so easy as simply reading the sticker. The wheelset that came with it includes a pair of Normandy hubs which, according to Sheldon Brown, were pretty standard fare of 1970's imports. The rims are not the same standard; too bad, but they can be rebuilt. The Nervor Sport cranks come with 50-46 chainrings. The remainder of the components are nothing special, Dia Compe mostly, and won't make the cut during the rebuild process. It is in pretty good shape, the rust is all on the surface and will clean up with a little elbow grease. And check out the head tube angle and rake of the fork, they make the same on my Basso, which was built almost 20 years later, look almost vertical and straight. I will be posting up changes as they take place. And if anyone has information on what model this might be, or knows a good source for 1970's Campy, or Simplex, or? let me know.

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