Sunday, July 11, 2010

Slow Sunday scenes from the Village...

The humidity around here has certainly spiked today, and after yesteday's long ride, I figured a Slow Sunday was in order. So without further ado, let the photos roll.
This is Ray, or actually the back of Ray's head. For as long as I have lived in Claremont I have seen this gentleman in the Village on the weekends, but have never had the opportunity to speak with him, or find out his story. Well, today I was fortunate enough to share a bench with him, and let me tell you, everyone knows Ray. People walking by would all say "hi, Ray". Some would stop to talk for a while. I found out that Ray Collins, who is still a musician played guitar with Frank Zappa in the Mothers of Invention. If you click on this link it will take you to a nice little interview from last year (2009). Now I can be one of the many who say hello to him on the weekends.

I don't believe she was stopping because of the sign.

I know this family; the father/husband is a photographer, who I don't believe would give this pic a passing grade. Yeesh, I am going to have to switch to manual focus, or maybe take his photography class.

Sunflowers at the farmer's market.

Lots of onions today.

At the center of the farmer's market is the musicians space.

On with the bikes.

That is one red bike.

I don't normally pay much attention to the bicycles motorized relatives, but there were a couple mopeds in the Village today which were too cool to pass up. This guy had a great pair of goggles on an equally great helmet.

This one was just all around cool. The California flag on the back is a nice touch.

There is a time to tandem.

I photog'd that bike on the 4th,

and her's too.

Baseball bell and pint sized basket.

Stylish cycling.

Finally, the window at Espiau's. This is a two team town after all.
And what is that guy pointing at anyway?

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