Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bottecchia rebuild, part 3: last of the cleaning and a query...

Finished cleaning the last of the Bottecchia's components, those that I intend to keep (at least for the time being). Crank arms, chainrings and bolts, and the bottom bracket (not shown) cups, bearings and the spindle, and finally, the fork and crown, with stickers from King's Bike Shop (Long Beach).

And now the query; does anyone know anything about DEA 'Super Chrome' rims. These are what came with the bike. I know they were made in France, and came in either steel or alloy, the alloy ones being a step up, though I am doubtful they were used on racing frames. These are 27 x 1.25", have a dimpled braking surface, and were built with Normandy high flange hubs (as noted earlier). These rims seem to have been quite common on mid-range and maybe lower models during the 1970s; Peugeot and Motobecane used them on some of their models. Anyway, if you know anything about this manufacturer and would like to share it would be appreciated. Any little bit of information, however insignificant it might seem, adds to the greater knowledge.

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