Saturday, July 24, 2010

Camping in Kings Canyon...

Well, thanks for the week off. It was much appreciated, though sometimes I do not know why I come back from these trips to the Sierra's. Don't be surprised if one of these times I don't. I think when I am in my 60s and 70s I will just spend most of the year up there traipsing around like Norman Clyde or one of those early mountaineers. Anyway King's Canyon was as spectacular as ever.

Got to do plenty of hiking with the bears, and let my hot tired dogs cool off in the river after hiking with the bears, a lot of plain old relaxing, even got in a little riding, some on two wheels, some on four legs.

I did not see a single person who did not arrive motor assisted, but once into camp it was difficult to tell which was the more popular form of transportation, foot or bike. I could have spent all day sitting in camp, taking photos of people riding by, some riding around just for fun, others making an ice run to the store, or heading over to the showers.

The National Park Service has laid down a nice new bike path linking all the campgrounds with the store/lodge. That means it is short, but it does allow people to leave their cars at the campsite. If you are like me, and that is just not enough, the roads are adequate. I wasn't the only rider out on them in the early morning cool, when traffic was non-existent. Thing about King's Canyon is, it does not get the crowds and heavy traffic that Sequoia does which makes it a more attractive place to ride. Bike parking, on the other hand is not as creative as I believe it could be.

The Monarch Divide high country, Lewis Creek drainage, from the Hotel Creek Trail

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