Monday, July 26, 2010

Ride to Baldy Notch...

Still on vacation for most of the week and the mountains are still strong in my blood so I rolled out the Felt this morning. Manker Flat to Baldy Notch is not much of a ride distance-wise, but it makes up for it in the climb. Could not have asked for a better day, the valley below was fogged in during the morning hours, but Baldy is up above all that, and the sky was just an amazing blue, and the Notch was cooled by a gentle breeze.
San Antonio Falls. Can you spot the three-tiered drop?

Looking back down the canyon.

Getting there. The lodge at the Notch.



and more cones, everywhere you look.

Resting at Desert View.

Road down the north side of Baldy to Stockton Flat. Follow the link for a description from a ride there.

The lodge at Baldy Notch; the gray peak in the back (mostly obscured) is Baldy, highest peak in the San Gabriels.

Similar to, but not quite Matilija Poppies. Don't know what they are.

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