Friday, October 29, 2010

A ride in search of autumn color...

It being almost Halloween, I decided to head up to the mountains in search of some autumn color. I found it, within our own local context at least. It is not as brilliant as you see in the eastern states, but there is still some yellow, some orange, some red if you look for it. The route was along the Barrettt-Stoddard Truck Trail as mentioned in an earlier post.

the burnt red of buckwheat was everywhere.

everyones least favorite plant
the Felt greeting the Sun as it rises over the ridge

just before i turned around i noticed a new sound coming from my bike. i have had a problem with this pivot breaking before. the bolt shouldn't protrude like that
looking down at Cucamonga Canyon with the road down into it on the distant mountainside
it was not all about autumn colors though; the sky was very blue

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