Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From the Library: Bicycle Collectibles...

I picked this one up at, I think it was, the Prison Library Project bookstore here in Claremont. I believe it was about a buck to bring it home, and I figured it would be interesting to thumb through, explore the wide range of bicycle related collectables. There is a bunch of stuff you would expect to find - components, bikes, head badges, wine and beer bottles and labels, toys, cards, stamps, art, and the like. The games section is pretty interesting, I never knew there were so many cycling board games. The sections on toy soldier miniatures, steins, posters, ceramics, photographs, cigar boxes, cigarette cards, and even phone cards are pretty interesting. I always figured that price guides like this are pretty useless, other than to provide some historical perspective, they just become dated too quickly, and the collectibles market tends to be rather volatile. A couple months ago though, I was in an antique shop which had some cycling advertisements for sale, and the prices were pretty much spot on.

Grindling, Dan   Bicycle Collectibles with Pricing Guide   San Francisco: Van der Plas Publications, 2001

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