Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shooting on the Fly...

I got off to a late start today, 11:30 late. So late that if it usually gets to be that time, and I haven't left the house yet, I write off the day. But this day I was determined to get a long ride in no matter what. Anyway, the easiest way to suffer through 70 or more miles, in the least amount of time, tends to mean I go to the San Gabriel River Trail (SGRT). Pick it up in Duarte, and 70 miles, and 4 hours later, you have completed a non-stop round trip to Seal Beach and back. I have never really been bothered too much by long solo rides - it's all under my own terms, gives me time to think - but more and more lately, not having anyone to share the workload with, honestly leaves me exhausted by the end of the trip. Today, since I wasn't beholden to anyone else, to keep pace, or set pace, I decided I would keep the little point-and-shoot out, and work some on shooting on the fly, taking pics while riding. It's not really that difficult (I have read that Mr. Beanz shoots video one handed while descending GMR after all), but there are some challenges to work with. Trying to zoom in or out as you are racing towards a group of riders, who are racing towards you, is one such challenge. Then there is not being able to see the view screen, you know, with sunglasses on it is just black, and you are almost shooing blind. Sometimes you get your shot, and sometimes you don't. Here are a few from today.

different preferences

a large flock of geese, and an even larger flock of seagulls
geese apparently prefer grass, gulls, sand and water

viewing the horsies

nothing like a big sombrero for some afternoon shade

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