Friday, August 26, 2011

Origin 8 Uno, Back into the Light...

as promised.

Not a lot of change - got rid of the bmx bars that were originally on it, replaced by standard road bars; flipped the rear wheel, so it is fixed now, and am going to make some effort this time to actually get used to that feeling / style. So, what do you think, is it track ready? Better question, am I?


  1. Nice Ride. I like to ride Fixed Gear on SART. I feel safe. I noticed you do not have a front brake. Will you be riding this on street at all or Track only?

  2. I used to ride it to work, when work was in Rancho (freewheel s.s.). It also had a brake at the time. I would also use it for little errands around town. If I end up using it on the streets much, I will eventually get at least one brake, but I need to get some to use with the drop bars first. I really haven't ridden it much in fixed mode yet, just around the neighborhood.


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