Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pedicab Pirates and other Waterfront Adventurers...

The San Diego waterfront is crawling with pedicabs; it is interesting to observe the different rigs which tend to be customized to various degree. For instance there was the guy who had installed a stereo system with big speakers placed under the seat - attention getting, yes but, based on what I heard coming out of those speakers, not necessarily the best way to pick up a fare. Though they mostly seemed to patrol the waterfront, they would range further afield too, as we went past one woman and her cab in the downtown area later in the day, and who had been soliciting rides by the Maritime Museum earlier. 

There was one guy, though, who clearly stood out from the rest, who considered where he was and dressed accordingly. His mainsail, er awning was well set, providing some shade if he got caught up in some doldrums while navigating the best course for his fare.

Speaking of the Maritime Museum, one of the best deals in San Diego if you like to take in museums. For about half the price of some of the Balboa Park museums you get to tour, I think it was eight ships/boats, including two submarines, the Star of India, and the HMS Surprise from the movie Master and Commander, plus view the exhibits in the museum itself, which right now features a special, and well done, exhibit on artist Paul Gauguin.

which came first, the bicycle chain or this?
steering mechanism aboard the HMS Surprise

deck scene, HMS Surprise

Star of India

Although this area of the San Diego waterfront is a tourist destination, hence the proliferation,  of pedicabs, it is also immediately adjacent to downtown, and there is a constant back and forth flow of cyclists. Some (most) of these were clearly recreational riders out for some fun in the sun, but there were also commuters with their racks and panniers, doing the daily ride between work and home.

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