Friday, August 19, 2011

Icargobike. You never know what you will see...

until you see it, again. While on my way to La Jolla this morning, I exited I-5 in San Clemente to get something to eat (Pedros Tacos) and what should I spot across the street but a bunch of cargo bikes parked outside this little shop. So after a couple fish tacos, I headed over there to check it out. It is the coolest little shop - all they sell are cargo bikes - Metrofiets, Bulitt, Kona, Madsen, Surly, Yuba, etc, they also had a nice selection of Brooks saddles, cargo accessories (baskets and bags), and more typical cycling stuff as well (helmets, bells and what not). The owner's wife was there (I guess that makes her owner as well) and was happy to talk bikes, baskets and local cycling. They are celebrating their 1st Anniversary and doing so with a big sale; there is also a barbeque planned for the 27th. Worth the stop if you are passing through, or live locally. I of course took some photos, but it may be a few days before I can upload them. Until then you will  have to make do with checking out their website - or drop by yourself. 

I'm back, with a trio of photos.

Wish I had taken a better shot inside, to give some idea of their selection. They have so many different brands and models, that it is the place to go for cargo bikes, because you can try so many different bikes, all in one stop. My favorite, the Bulitt, just made the third photo at the extreme right. Would have been nice to stop back in on the way home, but traffic was already bad, and it was getting late, so it will have to wait for my next visit south.

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  1. It's always nice when people stumble upon our little shop. Yes come one and all for the Sale throughout August at icargobike in San Clemente, CA, where we are always happy to offer expert advice on all things Cargo Bikes. Whether its kids, groceries, surfboards, or you name it, cargo bikes will haul it. Thanks Claremont Cyclist for spreading the word! See you again soon! : )


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