Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coach Wagner, like, for real dude...

you may remember this photo from a few number of months ago;

well, it took all summer (I finished the study materials in a more timely manner), but I finally made the time to sit down at the computer and take the exam for a USA Cycling Level 3 coach. I am happy to say that I was able to pass with room for error, which considering it was an open book exam, was a bit of a relief. Now, when I decide to pay the licensing fee, I can be a licensed coach as well as racer - for whatever good that does. Actually, that sells the whole process short, and I have to admit that both the materials and the exam are quite informative and challenging, so whether or not I end up pursuing this side of cycling to any extent, I have come away from it more knowledgeable, and that is always a plus. So change that cup o' joe in the photo, to a goblet of wine, and raise a toast with me. Slaite.

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