Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bicycles in Cinema: Harvest...

Harvest (2011) is a story of a family, three siblings (two brothers and a sister, as well as the woman's son) coming to grips with their parent's illnesses. The matriarch, played by Barbara Barrie who, if you can't place the name, also starred as mother to Dave Stoller in the greatest cycling film of all, Breaking Away; in this film she suffers from dementia. The patriarch, gravel-voiced Robert Loggia, is dying of cancer. That is the story in its most basic terms; it has nothing to do with bikes or cycling except for one significant scene in which Siv (Loggia) wakes to a beautiful day outside his window and decides to do a little yardwork. Noticing the bike in the garage, though, he sets a pair of shears down and takes off along the streets of his New England hometown. What transpires next is a commonly cited reason many people ride - therapy. You can see the worry and regret falling away in his wake, disappearing into the shade of the tree lined streets as he pedals along. Though these emotions are not physical, they are as tangible and real in this scene as you could ever hope to get. Just a great, short cycling scene; if it does not convince you to get out on a ride, there is something seriously wrong with you.

i wish there was just a clip of this one scene, but
i can't seem to find one anywhere

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