Saturday, October 1, 2011

From the Archives: North Valley Criterium 1991...

The long, fast train of a peloton all strung out in single file along the side streets of Granada Hills, in the San Fernando Valley. The North Valley Criterium was hosted by Team Ape, and was held in the middle of the year, July in 1991, and then June the following year. I raced it those two years, but have no record of it before 1991. After that the race moved to Valencia, and took a new name. The race was typical - flat and fast, just as you would expect from a mid-Valley course. I believe this was the Cat. 3 race; the guy in the 2nd slot looks familiar, from the Chevy/Sheriffs, but I don't know his name. Back in those days, Team Ape had a quite successful road team, their riders seemed to always be in the action during races, and were a visible presence during local training rides. The team is still around and do have a Facebook page, though it does look like they are more mountain bike oriented these days.


  1. Thanks for the Team Ape shout out. I was on Team Ape, and emceed that race. Good times back in the day. Dave Scott

  2. It's great that you guys are still around. The first three teams I raced with have long since passed away.


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