Friday, October 7, 2011

Small Reviews: Bookman Lights...

From a company out of Stockholm, Sweden, these, as the package says, are Bookman Lights. They come packaged like that, two per pouch, one head (white) light, one rear (red) light. They come in two flashing modes - fast and slow - and steady, and in a variety of colors, so you can match (or contrast) your frame. They are light, simple, easy on - easy off, simply wrap the cord around bar, post or what ever and secure in the groove along the front of the light. The hard plastic case is curved along the bottom helping secure it to where ever it attaches. They are bright, as should be expected; the strobes are shocking, the fast one especially, it will penetrate through your eyes and cause you heart to beat faster. That's good, right. You want to be seen. Each is powered by replaceable CR2032 batteries. The interesting thing about these lights is that the bulbs protrude from the case, which makes them more effective from the side than many similar small lights.

Bike lights serve two purposes, allowing the rider to see the road surface ahead, and making the rider visible to other road users. Bookman lights do the latter exceedingly well, and while they do cast a wide footprint out front which may be alright along well-lit paths of travel, for darker areas (and certainly off road, trail conditions) you will want to pair it with a directed beam light to be most effective in allowing you to see the way ahead.

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