Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Feedbag and Quotable Links...

First up, commuting in Portland (spend a minute to watch the video also; any that shows a dachshund in a backpack, on a bike is worth it, the rest is just icing):

"...commuters burned 65 million calories...caloric equivalent of more than 95,000 Big Macs."

Next, I turn to cyclocross, New England style (spectate or race, if you don't already, you'll understand):

" would have needed a GPS to locate me relative to the leaders before the first half lap was over."

Next, the retirement of Dutchman Addy Engels, who raced his last on Tuesday during the Putte-Kapellen in Belgium. I have done a couple posts about Addy, described as one of the most loyal riders in the peloton. You can find them here, and here. Though he won't be turning the pedals during races, Engels will not be leaving the racing scene, as he has been brought on to the Skil-Shimano team as Sport Director. I wish him the best with this new endeavor:

"I see a new horizon which I hope contains a universe of opportunities to pursue with passion and determination."

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