Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Sunday with the Psycho-Lists...

Many of my fellow bloggers across the country, and around the world, have been mentioning things like cold temperatures, rain, even snow lately. Let me assure you, there is none of that around here. I am not necessarily implying that this is a good thing, or a bad thing, it's just how it is. Just about any day on the bike is a good day - 80º temperatures means that good day is also a comfortable one. Anyway nine of us chose to do the Psycho-lists ride this morning, and did so beneath a pretty amazingly clear, blue sky. A route from Claremont to Monrovia, and back through the foothill communities was chosen, so we got to do some low rollers spread out between longer gradual up and down hill sections. Just enough uphill there to keep me happy.

did I mention the sky was somewhat blue today

hamming it up for the camera. there were so many 1on1 Financial kits
it almost seemed like i stumbled into a team training ride

Some of the group was out Halloween partying until late the previous night, but somehow those at the front managed to set a pretty torrid pace early on, maybe not Montrose Ride torrid, but nice and quick none-the-less, and we made it out to the San Gabriel River in good time. From there we followed the route of the aforemetioned Montrose Ride into Monrovia where I was able to get my morning cup of coffee. Better late than never. I have done so much solo riding lately that I was looking forward to doing a group ride, and the Psycho-lists group is a good one to do.

crossing the bridge over the San Gabriel River

you have heard of the Bosburg, one of the famous hills of Flanders, well this here is the Vosburg, in Azusa. i noticed the sign as we went through the roundabout and circled around to get a pic of some of the group heading up with sign in the foreground. Bosburg - Vosburg, nothing in common, but they almost sound the same

Psycho-list rides take place on Friday and Sunday mornings, they mix up their routes weekly which helps keep the rides fresh. You can sign up with the group and receive emails on upcoming rides through their Meetup, or Facebook pages.

By the way, if you are still debating whether or not to do the Tour de Foothills, make up your mind quickly. Prices increase on November 1st. See the link in the upcoming events section to the right.

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