Friday, October 28, 2011

GMR Fridays...

Nothing like a compliment to boost your spirits, is there? During the morning climb of GMR I was fortunate to receive a double dose. The compliments were in regard to aspects of my cycling I have mentioned previously - climbing, and turning circles (or pedaling smoothly). My ability at the former has always been respectable, though rarely acknowledged; the latter, lets just say, is my strongest suit. The ability to smoothly turn the pedals, is the one thing that seems to stand out when people observe my riding, and with which I felt confident enough to compose a post about.

Why don't I ever mention my cycling weaknesses, you may ask? For one thing it would be boring; for another, they are classified secrets, protected flaws you will only find out by racing against me. Would I ever reveal those secrets? In the immortal words of Sean Connery, that's "not bloody well likely." I keep those cards close to my chest.

And GMR? It was glorious today, and people knew it. There was a flood of riders on the mountain, at least for a Friday. Conditions could not be better than they are right now, and it looks like they will remain that way for the next several days. Might as well haul yourselves up there. Sorry, there are no photos to go along with today's post; some big head kept getting in the way.

Don't mash your pedals, turn circles with them.

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