Saturday, October 15, 2011

It is Spooky Cross After All...

and costumes are to be expected. If you want more than these few, jump here for a slideshow of more.

i understand that the racer masquerading as The Count, was actually Joe Lawwill, 2002 Master's World Downhill Champion, which explains why he could do a wheelie down the big ramp.

cutest skunk i have ever seen

tutu's, yes

suits, sure

Octoberfest gals

skeletons in the sand

Grover crosses the line

way cool, but could they go uphill?

school girl guy

E.K. resurrected

Krusty rides a unicycle

alright, not technically a costume - but, those glasses.
the French national champion can wear whatever glasses she wants

Just a little fun to start the review of Spooky Cross. There will be much more to come - Sunday, Monday, or so, depending on whether or not I head back out for a second day of racing. You can't deny, cyclocrossers have a certain style. Come on out and join the fun.

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