Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cycling Claremont: the Sumner House...

The Sumner House, built in 1887, is located at First and College Avenues. It is owned by, and sits directly across from, Pomona College, though its original location was on Foothill Boulevard. The house, originally owned by one of the founders of the College, was moved to its present location after the College decided to make Claremont its permanent campus home. It is the oldest house in the city. The Queen Anne style architecture marks it as unique, and its site, up above the streets, enhances its aire of distinction. Today, the Sumner House is used by Pomona College as a guest house for visitors to the campus.

On it's own, the Sumner House does not hold any special meaning for cyclists. However, the Citrus Regional Bikeway, when the city gets on with implementation, will bring riders directly past this stately old-timer.

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