Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Demonstrate against racism, Saturday...

I generally stay away from topics that are not in some small way related to cycling, this is one of those rare exceptions. You may or may not have heard (I am not sure how much media coverage it is receiving outside the local area) that a neo-Nazi organization will be holding a demonstration in Claremont this Saturday, March 19. This organization will be marching at an as yet undisclosed location along Foothill Boulevard beginning at 10:00. actually I am now reading that the NSM demonstration will be from 12:00 to 1:00 or 2:00 at the corner of Foothill and Indian Hill.

A peaceful counter-demonstration is scheduled to be held beginning at 10:00 at Memorial Park. At last notice more than 2000 people have confirmed their attendance at the counter-rally via the event's Facebook page. The intent of this is not to deny anyone's right to free speech, but to affirm that the neo-Nazi message of hate, intolerance and racism are unacceptable and unwelcome in our community. 

I understand that some of the Midnight Ridazz will be taking the train from Los Angeles and bringing their bikes to add their voices to ours at the peaceful demonstration. I look forward to seeing them in the crowd, along with anyone else who has heard enough of the hate-mongering crap that groups like the NSM, and others of similar nature, are intent on perpetuating. Come to Claremont, add your voice, ride your bike.

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