Friday, September 30, 2011

Cycling Claremont: Good Times Bike Rentals...

Since we are facing the weekend now, how about a Cycling Claremont profile of a local bike business that is weekend-specific. Good Times Bike Rentals sets up shop at the corner of Indian Hill and 2nd on our favorite days of the week. Look for them Friday and Saturday, certain Sundays during special events, and you can call to reserve. You can rent those four wheeled pedal cars, which have long been a big hit along the Santa Barbara waterfront - use them to tour the architectural and art sites in the Village. You can also rent tandems for longer excursions, maybe some museums at the Colleges, or the International Museum at Pilgrim Place. Call the number in photo below for rates and hours.

it wasn't until i got home, after taking this photo, that i noticed the little plaque on the front.
i am not sure if you can rent this, or if it is strictly for advertising purposes

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