Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Bike Shop Directory...

I recently received an email about this and thought it worthwhile to share. Whenever I find myself out on the road for vacation, business, or otherwise find myself traveling through some distant town or city, I always scan the business scene for the local bike shop. I have gotten pretty good at locating them by this means. Sometimes you want to find them just to visit a new shop but, maybe you have your bike with you and have suffered a mechanical, as happened to me in Oregon once. Or, maybe you want to ask an expert for info on the best local trails. Knowing exactly where the local bike shops are would be a big help. To this end you may find that the Bike Shop Directory can provide a trip-saving assist. I notice that my favorite LBS is not listed and am guessing this is a fee service, and thus up to the shop owner to determine if the listing is worth the cost. Seems like a good place to start though.

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