Saturday, January 21, 2012

An Interesting Bridgestone Step-thru...

You know me, I don't really have much affinity for the "sensible" bike. The step-thru is just not my thing. This particular model, though, has some features which raise it to a whole different level of interest. The bike has many features which are typical for the type - motion generated headlight, skirt guard, rear rack, chain guard, fenders, and internally geared hub; but also has some which are a little more unique, but no less functional. Among these are a rear wheel kickstand which secures to each side of the rear axle, raising the wheel off the ground and holds the bike steady for loading and unloading; there is also a combination rear wheel / handlebar lock (see photos), and a cool child seat / basket. I was not previously familiar with the term but, I believe this is what in Japan is known as a mamachari. Not sure of the date on this thing so it may not qualify as vintage just yet, and classic is often in the eye of the beholder, but it certainly has some unique aspects to it. Check it at the Velo.

the complete picture

rear wheel view

this is where it starts to get interesting. turn the key and a bolt slides out from an enclosing sleeve preventing the rear wheel from turning. but there is more; you see, there is a cable running from the rear lock mech to another locking mechanism up front (the head tube/steerer to be exact), so when you lock the rear wheel the handlebars also lock at a 45º angle or straight ahead. the photo below shows the indicator for the front lock - you can't really tell from it, but when the indicator shows blue you are free to ride, when it shows red, it is locked. seems like overkill to me, i mean the handlebars either turn or they don't, but there you go.

the second feature of interest is the child carrier / basket. it has this rotating part - folded up, as in the first photo you have a child carrier; rotate it down and it becomes a basket. it also comes with a footrest for each side; when Dale showed me the bike we weren't sure how they attach (I just held one up for the photo), but they help keep the child's feet away from the rear wheel.

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