Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Grape Nuts Supports Cycling...

I have always liked Grape Nuts cereal. Something about that crunchy goodness, and those John Denver commercials back in the day [1980s?] Some things you just don't forget. Anyway, USA Cycling just this morning announced a new sponsorship deal with Grape Nuts. Grape Nuts has long promoted a connection to the outdoor, active lifestyle, so this new partnership looks to be a natural one. 

Anytime a partnership can be made outside your traditional field, in this case cycling specific or cycling related it tends to be a good thing. It shows that there is some strength in your product, in what you are trying to sell. For USA Cycling, and for Grape Nuts, the product is the active and healthy lifestyle which both advocate either through direct participation, or as aided by good nutrition. From Team 7-Eleven, through the eras of Greg Lemond, Lance Armstrong, and todays upcoming young guns, competitive cycling has long been instrumental in initiating bicycling boom periods in the United States. Through their sponsorship, Grape Nuts is set to tap into that and in turn, increasing the exposure to cycling in mainstream markets. It is about time for a grocery run; I will be picking up a box of Grape Nuts, that much is certain.

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