Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Slow Sunday Scenes...

and other random shots from around town over the past week.

simple and functional

things kept getting in my way (though i will only bore you with this one example)

keeping the citrus regional bikeway clear

passing by

passing through

hobbling along

long-stem roses?

to market, to market

to market

there's Joel Harper with push bike. if you are not familiar with his book All the Way to the Ocean, a children's book about the effects of pollution, check it, it's good no matter your age

finally, some snow covering for Baldy. if you look closely you can see
the snow blowing around up at the top. windy

the Pomello Pump House. i don't know how many times i have ridden past,
lets just say a lot (five times a day if i am doing laps) but have never turned my head to the left at the point i pass it until just today. it was built in 1913 by one of the small water companies serving the area. more recently [date?] the Southern California Water Company restored the building including matching
the original blue paint trim around doors and windows, new tin roof, and
seismic strengthening of the fieldstone walls. (info from Claremont Heritage website)

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  1. A great mix of shots covering your week.....



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