Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yet Another Psycho-list Ride...

to close out the weekend. I understand there have been some larger Psycho-list pelotons, but today's twenty-five or so riders was the largest I have seen since I started riding with the group. This meant there were more competitors at the various KOM spots along the route. Today's route was an out and back along the foothills to the upper San Gabriel River Trail (SGRT), down to the Whittier Narrows Dam, and then back the way we came. If you know the route, you will know there are no prolonged climbs, just some short, sometimes steep, sprinters' hills. Cursed Jorge, on his single speed, was just too powerful and kept me from claiming top spot at any of the top of any of the speed bumps. I think I managed second or third on most of those hills; not bad I suppose for the extra years I have on 'em. Some fast people kept it interesting the whole day. 

bunch of psycho-lists obstructing my view of the mountains

We made it over to the Santa Fe Dam with an average speed of over 19 mph which, considering some stretches of soft pedaling to allow regrouping, was pretty good. While a few riders turned off at this point, the rest of us rode on down river along the SGRT with Greg drilling it out front all the way into the Narrows. Construction on the path is still ongoing along there, but the asphalt is laid, nice and smooth and, being the weekend, it was unobstructed - no detour necessary. Turning around we found the headwind, not like a couple days ago, but enough to get the legs burning. With Greg and, I think Jorge, causing mayhem at the front again, I took a more relaxed position at the back, where the youngest rider in the group (14) was beginning to tire. Props to his dad though, for getting him out. My own 14 year old was probably still asleep at that point. Next time I secretly set the alarm in his room. The finishing miles melted beneath our wheels, and after a last regroup at the bottom of GMR there was one final split. Thing about the Psycho-lists, once they smell the finish (maybe lunch cooking at the Euro Cafe) it's every man for himself. A trio got a bit of a gap in the homestretch. I couldn't let that happen unchallenged, so I tucked in, powered up one final time, and managed to bridge up. Being able to find a nice reserve of energy at the end of a ride is something to be stoked about. Yahoo, now beer me.

nice and smooth, new asphalt. painting still needs to be done,
but the end of construction may be in sight

beautiful day for a ride

i like the colorful new signs along the SGRT, but "Emerald Necklace?" Boston's "Emerald Necklace" has been around for 100 years or so. i think a more unique name would have been better.

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