Friday, January 13, 2012

A Return to GMR Fridays...

Quite a nice day outside, hope you could enjoy a little of it. The threatened Santa Ana Winds did not materialize, at least not where I was riding, otherwise things could have turned ugly. Instead we had to groan through another spring-like day in the middle of winter. A quartet of Psycho-list riders rode out for Glendora Mountain Road at 7:30; unfortunately I wasn't able to push off until about 8:45, so I obviously was not one of the four. Instead, I made my lonely way up the mountain in silence, relatively that is - tires humming, birds chattering, pedals/cleats creaking, an occasional plane droning by overhead, and then once I crossed over the saddle, the report of gunshots from the shooting range at Burro Flat. Didn't see any other riders out until I reached the overlook above San Gabriel Reservoir. That is when the four Psycho-lists came down. Was hoping to snap their photo descending, for the pic of the day (timing-wise, I knew we would pass each other at some point) but I was caught unprepared, and instead you get the photo below. Water level is looking quite low to me, what with the islands showing. In fact, you can't tell from the photo really, but unless we get some rain soon another island is close to being exposed.

I didn't really want to do all the work today and would have preferred a group ride so I could have sat in a bit. I've got something kind of big happening on Sunday that I want to be rested and ready for; I'm feeling ready, though not entirely rested, so maybe an easy spin will be on tap for tomorrow.

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  1. "Something big happening on Sunday," you got me interested. Have a great ride tomorrow.

    GMR is a great ride. I enjoy doing it alone at times to clear the mind.


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