Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Winter, oh winter, where are you?

I post the above photo, not to show that I can ride upside down but, rather to show what I wore this morning. No knee warmers, no vest, no arm warmers, not even full-fingered gloves. Things I would typically expect to wear this time of year. I don't like it. Our window of cold wintery weather is pretty short as it is, and it is getting shorter every day this year. But that is not what this post is really about.

No, this post is about Sunday. Sunday, SuNdAy, SUNDAY! January 8th. The day of Cycle Claremont's inaugural community ride. The balmy weather is predicted to continue at least that far into the future, and though I may like to see some cold temps at this point of the year, most others seem to favor temperatures at the warmer end of the Fahrenheit scale. Or so the sizable crowds out this morning, walking and running, and cycling, would seem to suggest. So, come on out, this Sunday. Meet down at the Depot, before 10:30. (If you haven't joined the Cycle Claremont Facebook group, go ahead and do so, there is a map there now, and updated information). Get there early enough, and you can enjoy some complimentary bagels and coffee. Bring out your bike. Bring out the family, and have them bring out their bikes. A short loop around the Bicycle Priority Zone is planned. Ride as slow and relaxed as you want. It is going to be that kind of a ride. Not racing, not training, I would categorize this as a social ride. Cant' go slow? Well then, see how many laps you can do in the time it takes everyone else to do one. Or tack some more miles on at the end; maybe head out to Bonelli. I understand our mayor is going to ride to Covina afterward. Have some post-ride lunch in the Village. Oh, and this weekend is the Cable Airshow in Upland. There will be vintage military planes flying overhead all weekend, aerial acrobatic shows, etc. Make a day out of it. Hope to see you there; I'll be the one with the camera. Oh, and Cycle Claremont also has a new website up and running here; bookmark it for the latest info on upcoming rides.

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