Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday with some Psycho-lists...

our little group headed up into San Dimas Canyon

Nice ride with the Friday morning group - Phil and Brenda I have ridden with on past rides, also out today were Mark and Scott. Little bit on the cool side to start, and since Baseline is basically downhill heading west, there is not much chance really, to warm up. It was cool right up to the point where we turned onto Esperanza, that hill there, of course, provides quite a shock to your system and is guaranteed to warm you up right quick. That is if it doesn't shut you down entirely. The KOM there was mine, whether gifted or not I don't know, and it is not really a question you ask. Just accept it and move on to the next hill. We cruised along Golden Hills Road, down through the closed section, and then turned up San Dimas Canyon. It has been a long time since I was last up that way and is such a nice climb up that canyon; if only it connected with some other road and actually went somewhere, instead of dead-ending. Anyway, rather than continue onward in the dirt, we turned around after regrouping, made our way over to Bonelli, Mile Hill (I think that is what people call it), some more descending through the hills to Covina, and then mostly flat back home. Ticked over a little more than thirty-seven miles; as I said a nice Friday morning ride. Psycho-lists on Meetup.

over-the-shoulder shots don't always work.
got Scott and Mark anyway; only half of Phil.
shoulder proves I was there

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