Saturday, May 12, 2012

GMR Friday...

Did the big loop again today yesterday - GMR/GRR/Baldy - perfect conditions and I rode to match them. In other words I rode well. A few solo riders and small groups were all I saw up there (more than last week, but still not that many). On the front side of the range I looked up at the switchbacks in time to see some riders who appeared to be moving pretty fast. The theme from Jaws started playing in my head - chase mode. A few miles later and over the saddle I reeled them in. What a pursuit - they had to be giving it their all, right?

Man it felt good to chase down and leave these three guys in my wake; one guy got my wheel - for a little, but I rode him off. I was just unstoppable today, shaving a full 3 minutes off last weeks time. Ha, ha. Funny, sometimes the way we feel doesn't match the stats at the end, otherwise pushing the 39-19 along GMR and 39-21 along GRR, I should have been 30 minutes faster.

Same trees as last week, but now no mist hiding Baldy.

I am fascinated by this wall, its ancient (relatively). They just don't make them like that anymore. Composed of native stone, it rises up the slope until it meets a rock outcrop; moss covered, with plants growing out of little nooks and niches. It is a part of the mountain, grown out of it, like it has always been there.

Finally, a regretful PSA for drivers who think those ridiculously deceptive advertisements showing people speeding along mountain roads are even remotely connected to reality, let me tell you, from this point it is a long, steep drop to the canyon bottom. You will not survive.

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