Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ride t'Art with the PVBC...

art in the garden

As in "ride to art". I know, that is stretching things just to come up with a catchy title. But, it does describe what we did today, joining in with a group of riders for the Art Ride, sponsored by the Pomona Valley Bike Coalition (PVBC). The group coalesced in Claremont with riders arriving from various points and, after a little chatter, signing in, distribution of route slips, and photos, it was off to the Pacific Electric Trail (PET) which we followed into Rancho Cucamonga. A brief regroup with pb&j sandwiches and bananas waiting for us (thanks to Robert and wife), and then it was time to leave the PET behind for an uphill grind in whatever big gear, granny gear or single gear we happened to have.

waiting, and then...

as far back as you can see, PVBC on the PET

riding the PET through Upland

the BOBie's had a couple riders representing

didn't feel great this morning, but he rode anyway

regroup with snacks at the Amethyst rest area

all kind of bikes...

Tucked up against the foothills, almost at the edge of civilization is the Sam Maloof Home and Gardens where a collection of garden sculptures and art is currently being exhibited. The house, gardens, workshop and other buildings are worth a visit on their own especially when, as they are right now, the plants are in full bloom. Amazing splashes of color highlight the various pieces of art strategically placed around the landscape.

garden samurai

art in the garden...

I didn't quite have my fill of the gardens, but the group was ready to roll, and after weaving through the streets of Upland, we arrived back in Claremont at the Euro Cafe. At this point we split up a bit; most of the group continued on (I believe) to the Gypsy Sisters art show and trunk sale, which was in town. I really don't do all that many of these social-type rides, but they are always worth it when I do. Today was no exception to that and I will look forward to the next. It was a fun was to spend a small portion of the day. It is an easy step to get all the information you need for upcoming rides - join the PVBC on Facebook.

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