Monday, May 7, 2012

Good, Bad, and Ugly on SGRT...

A lot going on along the San Gabriel River Trail today.

The Good: I have long wanted to get a shot of one of these guys in flight. I saw it standing beside the path and had the camera ready in time. Meh, not a great shot, but they don't stick around long.

The Bad: Noticed a police heli circling from way off and it looked like it was where I needed to go. Sure enough there were a couple patrol cars on the path, another nearby on the lawn in the park, one bad girl inside, and officers in that field to the side searching for more.

The Ugly, or at least it could have been: Whether it broke off, or someone knocked it off, that pipe was at head-height for one side of the path, ready to KO someone unwary. By the time I came back along here it was repaired or removed.

The Foul: Looks pretty idyllic, but looks can be deceiving. The air was just nasty with the stench of oil along here.

The I Don't Know What To Call This One: There are stretches along the SGRT which have lengthy views in each direction. You could block the path, one side with your bike, the other side with your body, until another rider comes along. That is my best guess as to what was going on.

The Unfortunate. Okay, these signs (and two more a couple miles downriver) were not there when I rode down in the morning, but mysteriously, and without any warning, appeared in the afternoon. There were no detours indicated, so I, like everyone else who needed to use the path, chose to ignore the notice. There were no workers in sight. I think there was some connection to that busted pipe (above). By the way they do say Monday thru Friday, so if you use the path you may have to find a detour this week. Just a heads up.

The Enticing: Warm day, cool water, shady banks.

The Remnant: All that remains of the once Pegasus Ranch stables.

The Inquisitive: The were looking out as I rode by. I thought it might make a good photo, so turned around and went back; they had retreated into the shade of their stables, but when I clicked my cleats on the pavement they came out again to have their portraits taken. Just wanted some company I guess.

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