Monday, May 21, 2012

The May Cycle Claremont Community Ride...

The May Cycle Claremont Ride brought out mostly returning riders, but it was also good to see quite a few new riders (new, meaning they had not done a CC ride before). It means that word is still getting around. We were also joined by a group of riders from the Pomona Valley Bike Coalition (PVBC), all returnees who had done the ride, one month or another, in the past. A little twist to today's ride - I agreed at the last minute to lead a faster group and was given some leeway to add on some distance as willing. Everyone in the group was willing, so we deviated off the regular CC short route and wove our way around the residential area of north Claremont. It was still pretty darn short (from my perspective at least), but seemed to work out well enough today.


still gathering

can you spot the bike?

the PVBC Crü + a CSBG infiltrator

The Cycle Claremont rides may take a hiatus for the summer, we will determine that soon, and then hopefully plan something new for the next scheduled rides, whenever they occur. Check the Cycle Claremont website, or CC Facebook page for the latest information. I will, of course, post up information here as well. Even if the Rides take time off for the summer, it does not mean you have to stop riding, there are plenty of local rides going on, plenty of local groups to join in with. If I feel really inspired, I may even plan a couple social rides myself. Whatever the case, always remember, any day is a good day to bring out your bikes.

funny thing about leading, i didn't really have the same opportunity to take photos during the ride. so i swung back around the first part of the route to photo the directional markers

Oh, one last thing, Greg Armstrong, who has been involved in the local cycling scene for some time now, was at the start talking to everyone about the upcoming Plain Wrap Ride, which he is helping to organize and promote. The important thing to note about this ride is that it benefits several Inland cycling-related organizations by providing much needed funds in support of their respective missions. Learn more about the 2012 Plain Wrap Ride by clicking the link in the Upcoming events section at the right.

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