Monday, April 12, 2010

From the Library...

I stumbled upon this book at a local used bookstore one day. Not a book I would buy for the story, it never-the-less has a bike on the cover, so it fits in the collection. Speedy is neither big, nor fast, but he is special all the same. Even though the book was written in the 90's, it reads like it came out of the 50's, maybe that is the author's background. It comes close to being too moralistic for my taste, but that is the type of book it is; it is one of that genre of children's books with a lesson to teach, and it does that well. "The next morning Johnny came out of the house with a new, red, racing bike and rode away. Speedy knew this would happen one day and felt there would be some changes ahead for him. Where would he go now that Johnny did not need him?"

Osourne, Thelma L. The Adventures of Speedy, Winston-Derek Publishers, Inc., 1992

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