Friday, July 1, 2011

The morning group ride...

This was one of those morning to play by ear since there were a couple ride options open to me. I could either get out of the house at a respectable time (7:30) and ride with the Psycho-Lists group, or laze my a** and hit up GMR somewhat later. Really though, who sleeps in on Friday anyway, especially when the afternoon temps are probably going to reach the upper 90ºF's.

almost triple digits

So, while I may not mind riding in the heat of the day, it is more pleasant to ride in the earlier, and cooler, morning hours, so I joined the ladies (I can say that since Phil, and myself excluded), this turned out to be an all women's ride.

At this point, I feel like I need to make a few 'well done' statements. Phil's younger daughter was out on her first group ride; if you can remember your first group ride (unfortunately I can't, too long ago, and all that) you will know that there is a whole lot to learn, and a very short time to do the learning in. You get thrown into the fire pretty quickly. The climbing, the descending, clipping in and clicking out, when to stop, and when to roll, etc, etc. She passed with flying colors, and will only get stronger and more confident from here on. It is very cool that she had her dad there to see her through it. Well Done. Second - Anna. She has done spin classes with one of the other Psycho-Lists riders, but has only been riding road for a couple months. Super strong. After the ride split up, she rode the final 7 or 8 miles with me and held my wheel the whole time, then continued on her way when I turned off for home. Well Done.

I was going to use these two examples as a lead in for a post on the benefits of doing group rides, but instead I will save that for later. Suffice it to say that group rides offer the opportunity for novice riders to take their riding experience to the next level. Plenty of non-competitive, or slightly competitive, group rides exist and will allow you to develop, and transition into more competitive type rides, as you want. Soon I will take a look at some of these rides - how to find them, what to expect, etc. and so on. Happy weekend all, enjoy the start of the Tour tomorrow, if you are from the States enjoy the 4th, either relaxing or exciting, as you see fit.



    any sponsors for a Claremont naked bike ride day?

  2. Seems like a bunch of students from the Colleges kind of spontaneously organized one last year, but have not heard anything this year.


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