Thursday, July 28, 2011

Two blocks of wood, poor parking, pairs and TOD...

Just some things I noticed this morning. Some mornings you have it, others you don't. This morning's ride, just a few laps around town seemed more an exercise in futility than anything. There have always been certain physical signs, that once I learned to recognize them, indicate that a good ride is in hand. One of these signs is the ability to easily push a big gear from the moment the cranks start to turn. Today was not one of those days. My legs might as well have been a pair of lifeless blocks of wood. I could not coax them into generating even a moderate amount of speed, even after shifting into the middle, proletariat gears. Too late, I shifted into the small ring in an effort to spin some life into those knotty blocks. It was pointless, and so a moderate training morning turned into an easy Village ride for coffee. 

Oh, and is anyone bothered by the fact that bike lanes have gone missing around town. Berkeley Avenue, no more bike lanes. College, north of the sharrows, no more bike lanes. 210 overpasses on Indian Hill and Mills, nor more bike lanes. Most puzzling are the College Avenue ones since they were just installed (painted) in April or May. The ones on the overpasses I noticed a few weeks ago; I figured it was some CalTrans thing since it looked like some surface treatment had taken place, or was going to take place but, there has been no re-striping still. It is confusing to drivers who, given the width of the road, seem to think there are two motor vehicle lanes now. Good thing the LAB isn't conducting a site visit to judge the city's bike friendliness right now. Lets resolve the problem.

i have noted in the past, the proliferation of cars parked along lower Mt. Baldy Road belonging the the drive-to-walk people using the Thompson Creek Trail or Wilderness Park. seeing cars blocking the bike lane, like the closest one, are common in the morning. but the next car along, decided to take it a step further. i kept wondering if police would drive by and cite him/her, but didn't see anything on the windshield the two times i passed by.

pair one

pair two. actually a quartet, but the two ladies behind let a gap open up

Claremont's latest Transit Oriented Development is progressing, opposite the depot

210 overpass at Mills. lane markings of any kind are a little indistinct at this point

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