Friday, July 15, 2011

Hot Tubes are Killing It...

the Hot Tubes Junior Development Cycling Team that is. The U.S. team is currently over in Ireland racing the Junior Tour of Ireland, and after four stages are dominating the standings. Hot Tubes riders are wearing the Mountains (Paul Lynch, who is also 5th g.c.), Points (Lynch again), and Overall Jerseys. In fact the top three riders on g.c. are all Hot Tubes riders (Thomas Awrona, Austin Boswell, Yanick Eckmann). Perhaps needless to say, they are also leading the Team Competition. 

I must confess, I am not familiar with the team, but after looking at their website, I am not sure how I could have missed hearing about them. They have been around since 1992, and have graduated 20 riders to the professional ranks. Counted among their road alumni are Jonathan Page, Will Frischkorn, Peter Mazur, and Ben King.

The Junior Tour of Ireland, a six day event, can be followed at where there are daily recaps, and great photos, like the one above.

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