Saturday, July 30, 2011

Philippe Gilbert yet again...

Another impressive jewel was added to Gilbert's crown today when he ran away with the victory at the San Sebastian Classic. Gilbert seems virtually unstoppable this year; it is rare when a racer can continue winning from one end of the season to the other. It seems entirely possible that Gilbert will do so, and that will add an element of excitement to the Autumn Classics. Gilbert's all-around ability reminds me of Sean Kelly - almost always a threat. Kelly, of course, won the Vuelta a Espana in 1988, and was Points Champion four times. Gilbert finished 3rd in the Point Competition at this years Tour de France; I would like to see a prepared Philippe Gilbert contest the Vuelta. May not be in the cards this year, but I would put him in there with a shot any time.

Juan Herrero photo via

While Gilbert was on his way to victory in Spain, I made my weekly ride up Glendora Mountain Road today, rather than the more typical Friday, and celebrated my own small victory - I caught everyone who came within my sight, and allowed not a single rider to catch me. A small feat to be sure; it is all in the timing. Honestly though, as much as I do enjoy the solitude of the Friday GMR rides, it is pretty fun to have all those other cyclists around. As long as they are not out lolly gagging or sightseeing, you can figure they are putting at least some effort into it, and can pat yourself on the back or, after making sure no one is looking, raise your fists and smile like Philippe.

here i close on a likely victim just before the
first saddle, while mt. baldy looms in the distance

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  1. Great Job Michael, Catch and Release, Catch and Release.


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