Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pockets Full Of...What Now?

"When I'm climbing the California or the French Alps, the fear/respect instilled in me when I follow a rider is in inverse proportion to how much they are carrying in their back pockets." This was a portion of a comment I read last week on one of my daily reads, Red Kite Prayer. This is such a cool comment; it is full of both obvious and hidden meaning, whether you take it literally or figuratively. It struck a very old-school chord in me, which I suppose it should, seeing as how the original story was about frame pumps, such as the old Zefal I once possessed, and had me wondering about the commenters' background. It also reminded me of a thought I had been pondering recently; it seems like the bulging rear pockets, which I once thought to be quite common, have become a bit more rare lately. 

Things have become progressively smaller - frame pump to mini pump to CO2 - butyl tubes to latex tubes to self-sealing ones so you don't even have to carry a spare anymore. Then of course, there is always the cell phone, so you could always just call and have someone pick you up. I guess those could be a couple reasons why pockets seem less full than they once were. I have always liked the self-sufficient aspect of cycling, not needing to rely on anyone but myself, so I suppose my pockets will always be full. What I carry in those pockets does change depending on the ride I happen to be on. For instance, laps at the Rose Bowl, keys and id. They will become packed progressively tighter the longer the ride becomes, and the further from civilization the road takes me.

Cyclists can be superstitious creatures, but the fact that I put the same items in the same pocket each time I ride is more a matter of habit than anything. So, what is in those pockets? The photo below reveals the contents as I would pack for a long ride. Right pocket, plastic sleeve with drivers' license, debit card, some cash, business cards, and for some reason which I can't quite explain, a frequent customer card for the Burger Bar, camera, and phone. Middle pocket, CO2, 3 cartridges and nozzle, tire levers, and old Crank Bros tin with various little repair stuff. Left pocket, keys, spare tube, Gu, Gu Chomps, and due to being bee stung the other day descending GMR, a little dispenser thingy of After Bite which I will probably carry around until the end of summer. Oh, and garage opener, when I leave from home.

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  1. Nice post! Always interesting to find out what people store in their pockets when cycling.


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