Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday Nights Live...

We popped into the Village last night for a little event hosted by Claremont during the summer months called Friday Nights Live. Similar to, but not to be confused with the First Friday Art Walks, it is a marketing thing, designed to get people downtown. Residents and visitors benefit, by being able to enjoy some good music and entertainment, and businesses benefit by the increased foot traffic. Last night a youth band called Give Up The Junk performed at City Hall Plaza, while Sligo Rags were at the Public Plaza. We saw Sligo Rags last year performing in front of the Chamber of Commerce building, which is not the greatest location; this year they got the prime spot, and I have never seen the Public Plaza so full. As their name suggests, Sligo Rags is a Celtic folk band, with a touch of bluegrass, based in Southern California. They certainly had the place hopping last night, and it was thoroughly enjoyable to relax and listen to their set. 

It was also enjoyable seeing so many bikes around, either parked, or being ridden here and there. The fact that most of the College students are long gone to their far-flung homes for the summer hardly seemed to make a difference; residents also recognize that bikes are the most fun and efficient way to get around town, especially in the cool of an evening. 

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