Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Quotable Link...

"Guy will serve six months for killing the boy, but Nelson will serve up to 36 months – just for crossing the street with her child."

I probably should not have read this one. It will be on my mind all day now. I'm just incredulous that what passes for justice in this country has become so distorted. Background (the story): A woman and her children are crossing a road (walking) in Marietta, Georgia (metro Atlanta), a car driven by a man who had been drinking, hits and kills the woman's young son, and then flees the scene. This man, it turns out, had previously been convicted of two hit and runs on the same day in 1997. The driver is given a sentence of 6 months (third hit and run, this time resulting in death). And the mother, who has lost her son to a repeat offender - the prosecutor had the gall to charge and win a conviction of vehicular manslaughter against her - she will serve up to 36 months. All hail the mighty car, and those who kill and maim in its name, for they are the righteous, and all others should tremble and bow down before them.

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