Thursday, July 28, 2011

What's In A Name: A Question for the Bloggers out there...

More specifically, any bloggers who have changed, or thought of changing the name of their blog. Since the Claremont Cyclist has grown beyond Claremont (which admittedly, was always the intention) I have long been thinking of changing the name of this here blog. This is something I have given some thought to since almost the very beginning. The Claremont Cyclist has also seemed a bit pretentious. I've already got the name picked out, and a design for matching t-shirts to go with. 

The most common way of doing this seems to be to simply close the old blog down by writing up a final post, and inviting everyone to check out the new and improved one. Nothing is lost after all; the posts from the old blog are all archived by Blogger. Hopefully, you don't lose too many readers in the process. I have noticed this method used when the writer goes off on a completely or slightly different tangent, so a new blog makes sense. The content of this blog will not be changing in any way, so I am not sure it is totally necessary.

I guess you could always just put the new title up in the banner, and call it a done deal. It would still have the old name in the address though, so that's kind of awkward.

What's your experience, any issues, problems you would like to share?


  1. You could create the new blog, then the last post on this blog could redirect anyone to the new site, and then eventually close out this blog.
    You can also move any of your old posts to the new blog site, but could be a lot of work to do that, and might not be as necessary in time.

  2. Check and see if blogspot will let you associate a domain name with this blog. I pay $15 a year for and wordpress allows me to associate that with the original wordpress blog I had.

    For example, both and resolve to the same place.

    If you can do that, name your domain whatever you want and keep the same blog host and all your content.

  3. Deb, Tracy, thanks for the input.


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