Friday, September 23, 2011

Cycling Claremont: Packing House Wine Merchants...

Any place that hangs cycling themed art upon their walls is alright in my book. During Claremont 91711 Day, last weekend, the family and I had ridden over to the Packing House where the wife and son went on into Studio Claremont. I, on the other hand, took a seat at an outside table of the Packing House Wine Merchants and ordered myself a beer. Yes, they also serve beer in addition to the more obvious wine. And yes indeed, the one I partook of was a Chimay, from Belgium. The first time I visited the Packing House Wine Merchants was early 2010 at the end of the Claremont Tweed Ride. They had already been around for a couple years by then, so it is a pretty popular place to relax, or pick up a bottle or two. You can just drop in for a glass any day they are open (everyday but Monday), visit during tasting events held each weekend, or even reserve space for private functions. 

This latest visit to the Packing House Wine Merchants turned out to be an especially fitting one, as photographs from this years Tour of California were being arranged and hung on the wall. They are pretty nice images - stop by and check them out while enjoying a glass of your favorite wine. Or beer.

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