Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Elvis's Today, Bikes Tomorrow...

If there are many blurry Elvis's and bright lights, it must be Las Vegas. And if I am in Las Vegas, it must mean that Interbike is taking place. Last time I was at the trade show was 1995 when I went with the Team Xtreme. It was in Anaheim, so instead of Elvis, there was Mickey. The place is crawling with bike industry people, a bunch of bmx'ers rolled through the lobby earlier; crazy young punks. It's already fun. I don't want to enthuse too much, since the family was unable to make the trip, school after all, so I will leave at that for the time being.

Since I did not get around to applying for a media credential / pass, I am here thanks to the Bumstead's, who had an extra pass, and were kind enough to pass it on to me; that's Bumstead Bikes of Ontario, California. Been around since 1909. Check them out. Thanks also to Dale, of the Velo (World's Smallest Bike Shop) who arranged it. Had a good drive out, through the pouring rain, with he and his son.

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