Saturday, September 24, 2011

Moving Planet, Claremont to Covina...

group photo in Covina

Upwards of 90 riders made the trek between Claremont and Covina, and then back this morning and early afternoon. The event was one of more than 2000 Moving Planet events taking place around the globe today. Organized by to bring attention to the need for climate action, and energy and transportation options beyond the burning of fossil fuels, the Claremont event was hosted by the Claremont Senior Bicycle Group (CSBG). A wide range of folks came out - residents, college students, adults and kids. The youngest was still in a child seat, but there were other young ones on their small single speed kids bikes who made the 20 mile round trip. Our Mayor Pedrosa came out, with his family, still recovering from the injuries of his recent crash. He said he was likely to have the neck brace on for another 2 or 3 months, but everyone was glad to have him in attendance, at least to see the ride head out. Our police chief was there with his family; and how cool is that, to count your city's chief of police among the resident cyclists. 

beginning to gather on a foggy morning - the guys from Jax
were doing some last minute tune-ups

Mayor Pedrosa (center) greeting riders

safety and rules talk

The riders of the CSBG did a good job of keeping things rolling smoothly on the ride out. A group of this size, and with this much diversity was bound to split up, but the last group pulled into the Taste of Texas bbq place within minutes of the front group. Lunch was good (I actually sat at a table with a teacher from my son's old elementary school, who has a beautiful steel-framed bike, custom built for him in the 1970s), and then small groups started heading back. I waited for the main group to leave, but then decided to let my legs get some work, and took off on my own for the final few miles. It is funny, I doubt any of the people driving along who saw us, knew what the ride was about, but I can't help but hope that seeing so many people of all ages, from the under 10s to the over 70s, will put a thought in their minds that there is another way. That they don't have to drive everywhere. And that after all, is ultimately, the message of and the reason behind Moving Planet day.

Special thanks to Denise Spooner, co-organizer of the event, Susan Brunasso, for getting the word out, and all the CSBG shepherds. 

over-the-shoulder shots are hit and miss

bike parking - who needs a massive parking lot?

check your calendars, I understand that Bill McKibben, founder
of will be giving several talks in Claremont over the
next month

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