Thursday, September 8, 2011

Local Racers at Master's Nationals...

I was going to do this whole post about all the Californian racers who stood on the podium, or just to the side (meaning top 5 finishers) in the various events at Master's Nationals which were held at the end of last week. If you check the standings, either as posted on the USA Cycling website, or VeloNews, you will notice that the standings are studded with riders from California. This is something that speaks volumes about the strength of the Master's categories here in the Golden State. But I will leave that to you, and instead recognize and congratulate a couple of extra-locals, Demi Hechanova of Claremont, and Erich Ginkel of LaVerne, who put in a solid effort while riding to the 4th best time in the Men's 110+ Combined Tandem race. For those who do not know, as I did not (being completely unfamiliar with tandem events), the age category for this race combines the ages of the two riders, meaning that these two men had a combined age of at least 110 years (since this is a Master's race, it also means that the youngest either rider could be is 30 years of age).

I have not been able to spot a photo of the winning duo, but congratulations, again, to our own Claremontonian, Demi Hechanova, and from the neighboring city of LaVerne, Erich Ginkel.

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