Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Recycling Jerseys...

Back in times past, early to mid 1990s, maybe into the late '90s, there was a guy who came to all the local races. If I am not mistaken his name was Rudy. He would set up a tent in the start/finish/registration area and sell. Sell Stuff. The kind of stuff no self-respecting cyclist, at least not one worthy of the name, could reasonably do without. He sold stickers. So many different stickers, you could plaster them all over you car, and everyone would know you as some kind of afficianado. Or nut. He sold pins. He sold coffee cups (I still have two). He sold mussettes (I still have one, though it has seen better days.). Most importantly he sold (and published) the Racing News. If you raced locally, back then, you pretty much had to have the Racing News. You could subscribe, or pick a copy up at the races. He occupied this little niche in the market, and was pretty successful.

Another person who occupies and interesting little niche in the cycling market is Jim, proprietor of Recycling Jerseys. He was at the cyclocross race at Los Angeles State Historic Park this past weekend. As the name of his endeavor suggests, he acquires and resells old cycling jerseys - jerseys from small unheard of local teams, others from the big leagues. Wool, lycra, big, small, as simple or as garish as you could desire. I am most interested in the signed ones, like the Garmin-Transition one Jim is standing next to above. I saw a couple signed by Christian van de Velde, another by Ryder Hesjedal. One with the autograph of Johan van Summeren. There were many others as well. I am also looking for an old wool jersey, from some 1970s European team, that I can wear on vintage rides while cruising around on my old Bottecchia.  I don't think you will find him at as many races as Rudy used to attend, but this is not the first time I have seen him and his hangers of jerseys out at a race. It is kind of fun rifling through all those jerseys, but you can also do your looking online. There is just a small selection on the site right now, but he said he will be updating it soon.

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  1. Thanks Michael, there are 60 jerseys "UP" right now, almost all our XS rack, and many more to follow. Love to see you if we make it up to the Santa Barbara Century, weekend plans not finalized yet!


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