Wednesday, September 7, 2011

El Roble Student Injured...

while crossing the street outside of a marked crosswalk this morning. The story as related to me, places the fault on the student, but lets face it, with the middle school, a public elementary, a private church school, and a Montessori pre-school all in the immediate area there is so much traffic congestion in the morning that if you are driving through this neighborhood you must take extra precautions, be especially aware of what is going on around you. As far as I am concerned, the entire area between Foothill and Harrison, Towne and Berkeley should be a designated school zone. Hell, what isn't already a school zone, is a residential area, where the speed limit is 25 mph anyway, yet you can't fail to see a majority of drivers exceeding that. Things like this can be avoided. Students, look before stepping into the street; drivers, slow down and take the blinders off. I understand the student was airlifted to hospital, but injuries are not life-threatening. Hopefully, he/she will make a full and speedy recovery.


  1. I live in that area and see horrible driving on a regular basis. Impatient drivers rolling down the bike lane on Mountain, blocking intersections, rolling out across the pedestrian crossings, u-turning in the intersections; it's the bad behavior Olympics.

  2. skome, thanks for your comment. It is a shame that so many people feel the need to rush around everywhere, oblivious to the harm they may cause.


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